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The Skin Suite

Skin Clinic Brisbane

We guide you to skin freedom in 5 phases


With our skin programs YOU CAN

Take control of your skin

Go without makeup

Face everyday with skin confidence

Feel good about being your #nofilter self


We achieve this with

our 3 step LOVE YOUR SKIN process

DMK care

1 - Schedule your Skin Consult & Assessment

During this session we will discuss your concerns, lifestyle & general health along with taking clinical images of your skin using our Observ Skin Diganostic Device to accurately assess & diagnose the needs of your skin.

DMK care

2 - Commence your DMK Home Prescriptive

These products will be prescribed based upon your skins unique requirements as determined during your skin consultation, and updated as your skin progresses to optimum function and fitness throughout your Skin Health Porgram.

DMK care

3 - Start your program of in clinic treatments

Prescribed in clinic treatments to rebuild the natural function and processes of your skin and revise the undesirable conditions of your skin. Resulting in healthy and fit skin that looks and feels bright, clear and youthful.