EmerginC - Peel & Repair Kit

EmerginC - Peel & Repair Kit

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Soften, smooth and refine the skin's texture with this advanced facial peel from EmerginC.

The EmerginC Peel & Repair Skin Mates Pack includes:

  • 1 x EmerginC Triple Threat Peel 50ml

  • 1 x EmerginC Hydra-Repair Capsules 50ml

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For limited time, this best-selling exfoliant is partnered with Hydra-Repair Capsules, delivering an intense burst of nourishment to repair and hydrate the skin.

The divine combination of AHAs, BHAs, Vitamin C and antioxidants within the peel rapidly renews the skin, refining uneven texture, removing dullness and combating hyperpigmentation.

Whilst the repairative avocado oil, Vitamin E and ceramides boost skin's hydration to leave it silky soft and beautifully radiant.