DMK Limited - Mediterranean Pearls Foaming Cleanser

DMK Limited - Mediterranean Pearls Foaming Cleanser


DMK Limited - Mediterranean Pearls Foaming Cleanser, is a mild cleansing gel infused with Vitamin B. It contains enriched microspheres that easily dissolve as they gently buff your skin and loosen dead skin, dirt and makeup. The mild foaming action then lifts the debris and easily rinses away, leaving the skin hydrated, clean and refreshed without feeling dry or irritated. Buy DMK skin care online.

Benefits of DMK Limited -Foaming Cleanser:

  • Gentle, non-abrasive exfoliation, improves texture and skin tone.

  • Langerhans support improves skins immune function.

  • Anti-inflammatories and antioxidants protect against damage.

  • Increased hydration results in higher moisture levels in the skin.

  • Improved skin barrier functions reduce TWEL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) and protects against environmental pathogens and irritants.

  • Alleviates scaly dry skin conditions.

We recommend pairing this product with DMK Limited - Wetter than Water, for perfectly fresh and hydrated skin.

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