Doing any of the following will cause excessive bleeding during your procedure and will hinder your final results.

  • Do not exercise the day of your appointment.

  • You should try not take any medications that may thin your blood (i.e. Aspirin, Ibuprofen, fish oil) 72 hours before or immediately after your procedure. Consult your doctor if you are unsure.

  • Do not drink alcohol within 24 hours of your procedure.

  • Avoid caffeine for 12 hours before your procedure. (Caffeine increases blood flow and will effect your healed results)

  • DO NOT get waxed or tinted two weeks before your appointment

If you have reference pictures, please feel free to bring these to your appointment. Along with your brows penciled or powdered how you currently draw/fill them in.

You must not use Retin-A, Glycolic Acid or any liquid exfoliant near the brow area 2 weeks before or after the procedure.

You will need to avoid water for 7 -10 days after! This includes excessive sweating, pools, lakes, salt water, and extreme sun exposure, so plan your vacations accordingly!

No Botox, fillers, Microdermabrasion, chemical peels or anything of the like for at least 2 weeks prior to your procedure, and also two weeks after.


If you have previous brow tattooing from another technician, please send through photos before booking to

Once Jaslyn has assessed these images she will then get in contact with you to discuss the best course of action whether that be a Consultation to further assess,a Brow Refresh or Tattoo Removal. There are many factors to look at when refreshing old cosmetic tattoo including the shape and symmetry of the brows, the pigment left behind, and success in covering your old tattoo. Jaslyn does this to insure she can give you the best results possible.